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In this Pulitzer Prize-winning comedy "Austin's favorite actor" (The Austin Chronicle), Martin Burke stars as Elwood P. Dowd, a happy-go-lucky chap with a kind word for everyone he meets, especially his invisible best friend, a six-foot tall rabbit named "Harvey." When Elwood's social-climbing sister, played by Lauren Lane, decides to have him committed, this delightful play embarks on a madcap discovery that is by turns hilarious and endearing. Maybe our dreams are more important than we ever imagined.

Video: HARVEY at ZACH Theatre

Jack Kerouac
In 1949, Jack Kerouac wrote this in a letter to a friend: “Nothing is true but everything is real.” Though he said he was trying to solve Nietzsche’s metaphysics once again, Kerouac might well have been describing On the Road: either the most true-to-life piece of fiction or the most fictionalized personal narrative ever to rule the American zeitgeist. If you read a lot of Kerouac -- and despite his relatively short life, there is a lot of Kerouac – you can begin to feel that he is working at you from the inside. That he is the breath and your head is the horn he is playing.

Playwright’s Notes: MAD BEAT HIP & GONE

Step into the Great Green Room as GOODNIGHT MOON - one of the most iconic children’s books of all time - is brought to life. In this lively musical, Bunny’s room magically comes alive with stunning puppetry, tap dancing bears, and even a trip through the night sky with a constellation light show. This Theatre for Youth production is perfect for kids ages three and up (and their parents!).

Photos: GOODNIGHT MOON, ZACH Theatre for Youth

Beth Broderick and Anton Nel star in ZACH's 33 VARIATIONS, now live on stage at ZACH Theatre. Below are photos from ZACH's production, currently playing in the new Topfer Theatre. Feel free to share these photos, but be sure to credit Kirk Tuck wherever they appear.

Photos from 33 VARIATIONS

Truman Capote
When Truman Capote published his landmark “nonfiction novel” In Cold Blood in 1966, he was already a celebrated writer and raconteur of more than two decades. But that celebrated work would prove to be his last masterpiece, and his fame became infamy as he spiraled downward through years of alcoholism, drug use and social abandonment.

Truman Capote: The Rise and Fall of a Superstar