Richard Garriott’s EXTREME VOYAGE plays to packed houses on ZACH’s Whisenhunt Stage

Austin video game designer and former ZACH Board Member, RICHARD GARRIOTT, gave two fascinating talks about his trip in to space and work on the International Space Station. As audiences arrived he personally greeted them, answering questions about items that were on display from his personal collection. Then, they were treated to a two hour presentation of his accounts of space travel including never before seen video. An audience Q&A rounded out the evening answering such questions as “is it cold or hot in space?” and “what happens when you strike a match in space?” Children and adults alike were enthralled and one patron remarked … “I just love the variety you get at ZACH Theatre!”

Richard Garriott describes some hidden features of a NASA space suit from his personal collection

Richard with Miles MacLaughlin, son of Elaine and Brian MacLaughlin. Miles gave Richard a drawing he made of a spaceship getting “ready for take-off” which Richard took in to space. Here Richard is giving the “space blessed” drawing back to Miles and Miles is exchanging it for a new drawing for Richard.

Future Astronaut, Miles MacLaughlin, proudly stands next to Richard’s space suit.

Richard shares personal stories of his space travels with audience members upon arrival.

Richard amidst a packed house at ZACH’s Whisenhunt Stage.

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