THE GRAPES OF WRATH Soundtrack: Free Song Downloads from ZACH’s Soulful Hit Musical Score

Ever since THE GRAPES OF WRATH took stage at ZACH, audiences have been blown away by an unexpected surprise from the show: Its soundtrack.

The music from the show adds a dimension to the stage version of THE GRAPES OF WRATH that many didn’t see coming after just having read the book.

True to the novel, the play is an entirely different experience than most expect, in part because of the lush live musical soundtrack that accompanies audiences night-after-night through the heartland of 1930’s America. It’s a joyous experience, fast-paced with heartfelt songs and a lush, emotionally evocative and stimulating musical score.

Without further ado, here are music downloads recorded by cast members from ZACH’s production of THE GRAPES OF WRATH (click on the links to hear the tracks, or save them by right clicking and choosing ‘Save As’):

  1. Dust Bowl Children, performed by John Pointer
  2. Dust Bowl Blues, performed by John Pointer
  3. I’ll Close ‘Em, performed by John Pointer, Zach Thompson and Paul Mitchell Wright
  4. 66, performed by John Pointer and Rich Upton
  5. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, performed by Sarah Gay
  6. Pastures of Plenty, performed by Sarah Gay, John Pointer, Rich Upton, Paul Mitchell Wright, Zach Thompson, Marc Pouhe and Jarrett Mallon
  7. Clarksville Talking Blues, performed by John Pointer, Paul Mitchell Wright, Zach Thompson and Marc Pouhe
  8. Battle Hymn of the Republic, performed by Sarah Gay and John Pointer
  9. I Ain’t Got No Home, performed by Rich Upton
  10. Crawdad, performed by John Pointer, Rich Upton, Paul Mitchell Wright, Zach Thompson and Jarrett Mallon
  11. Pass Me Not, O’ Gentle Savior, performed by Sarah Gay and John Pointer

Tickets for this epic live performance of THE GRAPES OF WRATH are available online, or by phone at (512) 476-0541, x1.

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