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2014 RED, HOT & SOUL

“When Bobbi Topfer came to town, she raised the bar for the whole philanthropic community.”

Armando Zambrano, Gala Co-chair of Red, Hot & Soul

Recently we had a chance to chat with the Gala Co-chairs of this May’s Red, Hot & Soul, Bobbi Topfer and Armando Zambrano. We’re in the beautiful Serra Skyline lounge in the Topfer Theatre, a modern space with a spectacular view of Lady Bird Lake and the Austin skyline. It’s late afternoon and Bobbi and Armando arrive chatting and laughing in the easy way close friends do. While each is a fundraising powerhouse in their own right, they’ve partnered together on numerous events. This year, Red, Hot & Soul Gala presents “THE GREAT ZACHSBY,” honoring James C. Armstrong as the Cornerstone of the Arts in Austin, for his incredible generosity and leadership. The event will be nothing short of spectacular.

“My friends will tell you, ‘She gets it done! She makes things happen!’ I’m proud to know that the reputation I have in the community is as a person who will jump in and get my hands dirty” says Bobbi Topfer. “I commit wholeheartedly to the causes I care about, and I truly believe that it’s my duty and joy in life to give back. We give back not just financially but with our creative vision and advocacy – when I’m involved in a project I ensure that it’s a success. I’m interested and involved in every intimate detail.“ says Topfer.

“THE GREAT ZACHSBY” theme name was coined by Armando Zambrano after a conversation about the goals for the Gala. “We wanted something exciting, entertaining and hopeful” says Zambrano. “We want something that speaks to the incredibly high quality of the work at ZACH Theatre while acknowledging the history of the organization, the bold creative vision of the work here and the beautiful escapism of live theatre.”

At the Red, Hot & Soul Gala, “you can expect to enter our space and be enveloped in a sense of love and excitement and entertainment” says Topfer. “Right when you join us you know that what we are supporting is worthwhile and that what we do at ZACH Theatre is worthy of Austin’s full support.”  In every event Bobbi Topfer produces, guests can expect an all-encompassing experience, touching each of their senses. “For THE GREAT ZACHSBY, I envision sheer entertainment, joy and optimism – I strive to inspire passion in my guests, the kind of passion the ZACH Theatre inspires in me.” says Topfer. “Out of all the organizations that I support here in Austin, ZACH Theatre truly has my heart.”

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Introducing Z-Lounge Pre- and Post-Show Entertainment!

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Kenny Williams

January 29-February 1: Kenny Williams (Star of ZACH's DREAMGIRLS and Broadway's THE LION KING!)

Come early! Stay late! Join us for pre- and post-show musical entertainment in the Topfer Theatre’s Main Lounge and Skyline Lounge. Enjoy snacks and Happy Hour drink specials from our full bar in the Topfer Theatre.

Pre-show: Topfer Theater Main Lounge
Wednesday-Saturday 6:15 p.m. to 7:15 p.m.
Happy Hour drink specials (6-7 p.m.):

$2 off Well Liquor and Specialty Cocktails
$2 off House Wines
$1 off Select Beers

Post-show: Topfer Skyline Lounge

(More info.)

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A special thank-you note helps us appreciate theatre through new eyes

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Almost every day of the week, busloads of school children visit ZACH Theatre and experience live performance first hand. Seven year-old Summer Walberg’s visit was a little different- as a blind student at Summit Elementary, Summer saw the theatre from a perspective all her own.

A few days before her class’s field trip, Summer met up with Kate Shaw-Nappi, Education Associate at ZACH to explore the theatre and the set of Holiday Heroes by hand. Feeling the props and set, the guitar cases and the layout of the room, Summer was already familiar with the theater when she arrived with her classmates to experience a sing-along performance of Holiday Heroes.

The thoughtful and impressive thank-you note, written in both brail and text with the help of her teacher, Marjie, meant a lot to us here at Zach Theatre. “The best part is when the actors sang,” says Summer in her letter.

Summer’s sweet note is a wonderful reminder that theatre can be experienced in many different ways. Everyone brings their own fresh perspective. Thank you Summer, for visiting us!

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Small businesses with big ideas

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We’re feeling very inspired at the moment and thank Dell for their support and this wonderful video! Small businesses certainly can have big ideas! Thanks for helping us keep the art of story-telling alive.

Click here to view “Meet the Folks at ZACH Theatre, Austin’s longest running theatre company.”

Something special happened during a performance of A Christmas Story

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This past weekend something special happened during a performance of A Christmas Story here at ZACH Theatre.

Toward the end of the play, actor Marco Perella’s character Ralph says, “It was a good Christmas because we had love; we had each other. And in the final accounting, that’s what it’s all about after all.” A woman in the packed Topfer audience spontaneously shouted “AMEN!” which inspired other audience members to affirm this sentiment out loud, while others clapped. I love it when theatre unexpectedly turns into church. And when I say that I mean the communal experience of gathering together for a shared experience in which we are lifted up in some way. I’ve sat in enough theatre audiences across the country to know how special this is, and it doesn’t happen in many places.

It is a great reminder for me this week of how thankful I am for Austin audiences and their spirit! Lots of our audience members this week are telling the house managers at our theaters how thankful they are for us putting them in the holiday spirit at This Wonderful Life with Martin Burke’s delightful performance, as well as at A Christmas Story. Many said they came in feeling a bit tired from Thanksgiving or not ready for Christmas to be here, and they find themselves leaving ZACH in the spirit of the holiday season. As people who make theatre we value the experience of transformation, and this past week it was so gratifying to see so many folks in our lobbies smiling ear to ear, hugging loved ones, and laughing after the performances — the persons who had walked in the door were transformed.

At ZACH we revisit our mission, vision and core values on a regular basis to make sure we are in alignment and to see if we feel like anything needs tweaking based our continued maturation and growth as an arts organization. Our mission currently is: ZACH creates intimate theatre that ignites the imagination, lifts the spirit, and engages our community. In a recent staff meeting we discussed each part of our statement for about two hours with a very lively and passionate conversation. This idea of “lifting the spirit” in particular had a lot of dialogue around it. This week it has been an especially gratifying experience to hear these words being reflected back to us by the audiences at the performances. We love this community and the ways in which we get to participate in it and contribute to it. We are lifted by the experience of what I believe to be the finest audience in America. Amen, indeed!

-Dave Steakley

Actor Nicholas Rodriguez on LES MISÉRABLES

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Actor Nicholas Rodriguez discusses his role as Javert in ZACH Theatre’s production of LES MISÉRABLES – live on stage in ZACH’s intimate Topfer Theatre through November 3, 2013.

Click here to view this video directly on YouTube.

For tickets and more show information, please visit

Director Matt Lenz on LES MISÉRABLES

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Director Matt Lenz discusses his vision for ZACH Theatre’s production of LES MISÉRABLES live on stage in ZACH’s intimate Topfer Theatre through November 3, 2013.

Click here to view this video directly on YouTube.

For tickets and more show information, please visit

Video: LES MISÉRABLES Live at ZACH Theatre

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The international musical phenomenon LES MISÉRABLES is live on stage at ZACH Theatre.

Tickets and more show info at


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Experience the international musical phenomenon LES MISÉRABLES, up-close and personal, in the intimate Topfer Theatre! Soaring anthems, unbridled patriotism and the quest for redemption reveal the heart of a man who must leave his past behind to fight for life, love and liberty. Photos from ZACH’s production below are by photographer Kirk Tuck.

For tickets and more show information, please visit

Video: “Spirit in the Dark” from ONE NIGHT WITH JANIS JOPLIN

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Tiffany Mann plays the Blues Singer in in ZACH Theatre’s ONE NIGHT WITH JANIS JOPLIN. Here is a clip from her performance as Aretha Franklin of “Spirit in the Dark” with Kacee Clanton as Janis Joplin. They are accompanied by Joplinaires Tricky Jones, Felicia Dinwiddie and Cari Hutson.

Tickets and show info at