Topfer Theatre Donors

Give NowThe new Topfer Theatre is the largest venture in ZACH’s 80-year history. ZACH has continually expanded at a pace that reflects the rapid growth of the city around it, and today is no exception.

The Topfer Theatre is making progress everyday thanks to the visionary and generous support of the citizens of Austin and individual philanthropists, foundations and corporations who believe that Austin’s success is tied directly to the nurturing and funding of the regional cultural scene.

The following list reflects cash contributions of $1,000 or more made toward the Topfer Theatre and the Karen Kuykendall Stage Fund between September 1, 2000 and August 31, 2013. Please contact ZACH at 512-476-0594 x294 or for updates and more information.

Gifts of $1,000,000 and up:

City of Austin 2006 Bond
The James C. Armstrong Family
Bill Dickson

Gifts of $500,000 to $999,999:

The ABE Charitable Foundation, Inc
    / The Serra Family
Bettye and Bill Nowlin
Bobbi and Mort Topfer 
Carla Tyson 

Gifts of $250,000 to $499,999:

Michael and Susan Dell Foundation
Laura and Tom Green

Joe R. and Teresa Lonzano Long
Carolyn and Marc Seriff

Gifts of $100,000 to $249,999:


Alice Kleberg Reynolds Foundation
James Armstrong and Larry Connelly
Jane B. Armstrong
Dan Bullock and Annette Carlozzi
Charles Gentry
Eric and Maria Groten
Kathleen and Harvey Guion
Don D. Hammill

Dennis B. Karbach and Robert K. Brown
Gail and Jeff Kodosky
MFI Foundation
Louis and Christine Messina / TMG-AEG
The Pape Family
Tom and Colleen Terkel
Suzanne and Marc Winkelman, 
    Amy and Paul Hoffman and
    Amelia Vendrell and James Hull 

Gifts of $50,000 to $99,999:

AT&T Texas
Carolyn R. Bartlett
Suzanne Deal Booth and David G. Booth
The Brown Lupton Foundation
Ann S. Butler
Charles Butt
John Paul and Eloise DeJoria
Deborah Green and Clayton Aynesworth
Richard Hartgrove and Gary Cooper
I. Craig Hester
Margaret Hight and Paul Thompson
The Humana Foundation, Inc.

Luci Baines Johnson and Ian Turpin
Mike and Suzanne Kennedy
Joan and Jeffrey S. Lava
Patsy and Jack Martin
Bruce and Nancy McCann
Nona F. Niland Foundation
The Sheskey Family Foundation
Donna Snyder and Richard Donahue 
Mary and Rusty Tally
Trisa Thompson
The Winkler Family 

Gifts of $25,000 to $49,999:


Anonymous, In Honor of Mort and Bobbi Topfer
Aragona Family Foundation
Gabrielle de Kuyper Bekink
Paul J. Bury III, Bury Inc.
Lori Dennis and Karen Verser
Mindy Ellmer
Gloria and Harvey Evans
Gary and Susan Farmer
Carolyn Lewis Gallagher
Tom Gallagher
Dr. Gary and Karen Goldstein
Graves Dougherty Hearon and Moody
Ronda and R. Kelly Gray
Byran and Rebecca Hardeman
Kathy Hutto and Allen Beinke
The Hynek Family
Johanne Ibsen-Wolford and Steve Wolford
Thomas C. Mays III and Orlando J. Zayas

Thomas C. Mays III and Orlando J. Zayas
Brian McCall
Marcy and John Melanson
Bonnie K. Mills
Janet Mitchell and Emma Virján
Laurée and Jim Bob Moffett
Terry and Patrick O’Daniel
Candace and Michael Partridge
Mukesh D. Patel and Family
Jean and Dan Rather
Eddie Safady
Joy and Dan Selak
Cord and Anne Shiflet
Martha Smiley
Carl and Claire Stuart
The Tapestry Foundation
Shelley and Kenny Van Zant
Wells Fargo Bank
Diana Zuniga

Gifts of $10,000 to $24,999:

Carol and Chris Adams
Steve Adler and Diane Land
Arthur Andersson
BBVA Compass Bank
Joyce Beasley
Becky Beaver and John Duncan
Linda Benge and Paul Robshaw / AIC Ventures
Carrie Bills and Nancy Scanlan
Lynda and Tim Brown
John Byram
Marianne Carroll
Elisbeth Challener and Brett Bachman
Wayne Clark and Herndon Robinson
Becky and Jerry Conn
Will Coombes and Brian Luna
Mary Lockwood Crouch
Berry Crowley
DEN Property Group
Michele Dunkerley and Jane Hickie
A. Robert Fischer
JoLynn and Gregg Free
Henry and Barbara Garrana
The Garvey Family
Jim and Cheryl George
Brian Gleason
Lisa and Eric Glenn
Kay and Russell Gregory
Andy and Peggy Greenawalt
Iris Groten
Richard and Rae Hill
James and Patty Huffines
Nancy and Bob Inman
Gerald and Karen Jacknow
Mitch and Janna Jacobson
Scott Joslove
Henry and Nancy Kojzarek
James Linville and Lina Husodo
Sheridan and Perry Lorenz

Susan and Craig Lubin
Kate Ludeman and Eddi Erlandson
Roseann Mandziuk and James Studer
Lee Manford and Casey Blass
Earl and Anita Maxwell
Julia and Dave McCurley
Laura Merritt and J.P. Kloninger
Bryce and Kris Miller
Suzanne and Charlie Moore
Emily Moreland
Frances Nail
Mary Alice and Jerry Naiser
Louise O’Connor
Jean Olson
Deborah and Larry Peel
The Periman Hilfer Foundation
James R. Pitts
Jody Richardson
Jim and Trish Roberts-Miller
David and Becky Roche
SBC Foundation
Nancy Scanlan
Peter Schram and Harry E. Ullmann
Schweitzer Family Foundation
Maureen and Ted Staloch
Dave Steakley
Still Water Foundation
Brenda Thompson
Dwight and Cathy Thompson
Jim and Rosie Vincent
Bill and  Melanie Walters
Sharon Watkins 
Melba and Ted Whatley
Jim and Terry Whorton
Wilson Goldrick Realtors
Neile and Jan Wolfe
Armando Zambrano and Bryan Gardner 

Gifts of $5,000 to $9,999:


Diane and Joe Allbaugh
Andersson Wise Architects
Anonymous (2)
Linda Ball and Forrest Preece
Jamie Barshop
Benz Resource Group
Laura and Steve Beuerlein
Paige Booth and David Baker
Michelle Bourianoff and Juan Zalles
Sue and Dewey Breland
Vaughn and Jeri Brock
Buster and Jill Brown
Maria Garza Brown and Roger Brown
Sabrina and Jay Brown
The Brown Foundation, Inc.
Lisa and Phil Bryson
Theresa and Benjamin Castellano-Wood
Aan and Charles Coleman
Fran and Larry Collmann
James Dammann and Shari Vaughn
Lisa and Guy Diedrich
Claude and Susan Ducloux
Bill Edwards and Ron Bailey
Derrick Evans
Jason and Mary Flaherty 

Katrine and Bill Formby
Suzanne and Paul Kaminsky
Ken and Stacey Leonard
Ron and Tessa Lewis
Barbara Logan
Eric Long and Tracy Walsh
Skipp Manson
Chris Mattson and John McHale
Laura and Richard Matz, Jr.
Vicki McCullough
Andrea and Dean McWilliams
Gail and Tommy Morgan
Mark and Ellen Morrison
Angela and Jim Nix 
Hiten and Melissa Patel
Annette Renaud
Karen and Seth Richmond
Steve and Giselle Rohleder
Dick Scott and Dodie Juarez
Julie and Stephen Siegele
Larry and Susan Smith
Frank and Beth Stabile
Lonnie Karotkin Taub and Albert Taub
Lisa and Jim Usdan
Don and Leslie Ward 

Gifts of $2,500 to $4,999:


The Abell Family
Adrian and Julie Acevedo
Diana and John Argersinger
Heather Attridge and Reid Fleming
The Bast Family
Dr. Charles E. Bell
Cheryl Brownstein and Walter Harrell
Andrea and Mel Bryant
Kelley and Jeff Burrus
Nelson and Karen Davino
Stephen J. Davis
Jeri DeAngelis
Janice DeMartino
Eddie and Susan Dixon
Lloyd and Libby Doggett
Susie S. Dudley
Mary Margaret and Ray Farabee
Toby Hammett Futrell
Daniel and Frances Hamermesh
Cloteal Haynes

Shirley and Doug Hudson
Stephanie Hunter and Michael Breen
Marj and David Hunter
I'm For Four PAC
Will and Marilyn Ingram
Hunt and Molly James
Kim and Chad Jowers
Claire Korioth
Eric Long and Tracy Walsh
Sonny and Judith Loredo
Bud McMullen
Eric and Kay Moreland
Pam Reed
Laura and Mike Snavely
Harvey Strassman
Javier Tam
Vincent Thompson and David Thomas
Becky and Lucky Tomblin
Cline Young, Chris Young and Cary Fyfe

Gifts of $1,000 to $4,999:


Lace Archibald and Associates
Austin Cabaret Theatre
Daniel S. Barker
Joel Barna and Laura Furman
Violet Bell
Cathy Bonner
Jim and Carla Bossenbroek
Annie Boyd
Jerry and Brook Ann Broesche
Chris L. Brown
Barrett Bruce
Faye Chandler
Wilbur D. Cleaves and Jason Nichols
Robert Dailey
David Davis
Patrick and Maribel Dowd
Kaye Forgione
Frost Bank
J. Stephen Gilbert
Sue S. Graze
Don Hauk
Kimberly and Michael Hieber
Anne Knight Hoey
Mark Holzbach and Dana Friis-Hansen
Shelley Hurley
Benajmin Jacobson III
Melissa Jones
Maxx Judd and Donn Gauger
Joel and Kathy Katz
Carolyn Keating

LCRA Employees' United Charities
Marny and Mike Lifshen
Emily Little
Alaire and Thomas Lowry
Stephen L. Mallard
Sara B. McIntosh
JoAnn McKenzie
Mike and Sallie McKetta
Standish Meacham and Steven Salzman
Sarah S. Meacham
Matthew M. Mielcarek
Lisa Miller
Sheri Moore
John Morran
Tracy Picone
Peggy Davis Pryor and Cactus Pryor
Scott and Kelly Redding
Helene E. Redell
Barry and Beth Rinke
Amy and Kurt Sell
Diane Senterfitt
Eugene Sepulveda and Steven Tomlinson
Katharine Shields
Dee Shultz
Robert and Stefanie Skinner
Jare and Jim Smith
Alfred Stanley
Stuart Title Austin, Inc.
Holland Taylor
Martha K. Ward
James B. Williams

Season Sponsors:
Holiday Inn Schlotzskys
202 South Lamar - Austin, TX 78704 - Phone 512-476-0541
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